Our roots date back to March of 1982 when Carl M. Cimino founded the company, then known as Cimino’s Complete Auto Center, Inc.  We began in a small rented shop in Northeast Philadelphia with a crew of one (Mr. Cimino) and a cardboard box and empty 5 gallon bucket as office furniture.  Within two years, the company had grown to four employees – Mr. Cimino, a body technician, a painter and a full service mechanic.  There was even a real desk and chairs in the office!

But the growing company was bulging at the seams in the tiny building, so Mr. Cimino began a search for a larger facility with a better location.  After months of looking for the ideal spot, Mr. Cimino happened upon an old friend who had just decided to sell his prime automotive location in Feasterville, Pennsylvania – a small town in Bucks County where Mr. Cimino grew up.  With a little luck and a lot of help from friends, the purchase was made and in October of 1984, Cimino’s Complete Auto Center moved into their new (and current) home at 281 Philmont Avenue.  At that time, the company was to occupy two-thirds of the building as there was a mechanic renting the other portion of the premises.

As the company continued to grow, it became inevitable that the tenant leave so that the entire facility could be used by the crew of seven.  Even after expanding to utilize the entire shop, the staff could barely keep up with the growing number of referrals and repeat customers coming in.  At times customers would wait up to two months to get their cars repaired at Cimino’s!  Our reputation for quality work and ethical practices was spreading throughout the insurance community, too.

By 1990, as the focus of the company had moved to specializing in insurance work and late model collision repairs, the company’s name was changed to Cimino’s Collision Center.  During the next ten years, while affiliated with a conversion franchise for auto body shops based in Kansas City, Missouri, we continued to grow and concentrate on technical training as the automobile became more and more complex – containing thousands of dollars worth of electronics and supplemental restraint systems.  We also invested a considerable amount of time and money in management and business training to keep up with the rapidly changing financial climate of the collision repair industry.

In November of 1997, our collision repair business doubled in size as Mr. Cimino, together with his older brother, Chuck, acquired Blue Hen Auto Body in Dover, Delaware.  This was a tremendous opportunity to grow our company as Blue Hen was a well-established shop (founded in 1983), had an excellent location on the major highway through the state capital, and was well known for its quality workmanship.  The office is large, well organized and bright, while the shop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment and professionally designed to streamline the repair process.

By October of 1999, we decided it was time to leave the franchise and build a local identity of our own.  We sought out a professional advertising agency that could develop a name and logo that would capture the spirit and philosophy of our company.  We were getting very frustrated because none of the suggested names really hit home, until one night while Carl and Chuck Cimino were bouncing names back and forth, Chuck landed on it — Collision Express!  Wow, were we excited!  We knew right away that our search was over.  Once we completed a name search through the US Patent and Trademark Office and found no other “Collision Express” name, we set out to develop a tag line and logo.  Our advertising agency landed on a tag line almost immediately.  It embodies our very mission — to provide high quality collision repair work in a timely fashion.  Our tag line: Quality Has Never Been So Quick. That says it all!