Date:April 20, 2013

Nissan Certified Collision Repairs

As a Certified Collision Repair Network Shop, we have the right people, parts, tools, and know-how to get the job done right the first time to get you back on the road.

Take the right steps to minimize the headaches.

An auto accident is just that—an accident. But a quality collision repair is no accident. The manufacturer of your vehicle–Nissan–wants to help you make the right decisions regarding your collision repair.  By understanding your rights and options, you can help assure that your vehicle is repaired to your satisfaction.

Who is involved?

Three parties are involved in most collision repairs—you, the vehicle owner, the insurance company and the collision repair professional. While rights and responsibilities vary, generally:

You are the one who decides where your vehicle is repaired; and you, as the vehicle owner or lessee, have the right to know in advance what parts are proposed, and decide which ones are ultimately used, for the repair of your vehicle.

The insurance company writes the policy that contains language such as “we will repair your vehicle to pre-loss condition.”

Your collision repair professional who assists you through the process, while following direction provided by you and/or the insurer.